Tarija´s Central Valley

Located at the very south of Bolivia, in the middle of the mountains is Tarija´s Central Valley. It is where most of Bolivian grape, wines and singanies are produced. 100% of its viticulture is made at 1600 m. ASL. There well-defined thermal amplitude, allows an optimal wine cycle. The soils are clay-loam-sandy mix in which also lie fossils of the Pleistocene period. The Valley´s semi-arid climate is defined given the altitude, being the exception among the two most extensive regions of Bolivia, the predominant Andean zone in the west and the Eastern tropical plains. As a result is of the small valley, the wine production of vine and wines will always be “boutique” style in the world wine spectrum.


The vineyards of Aranjuez are located in the privileged region of Santa Ana la Nueva y Santa Ana la Vieja. We have the ideal conditions for vine cultivation. The excellent solar exposure together with the slopes disposition of our lots, added to the experience and the committed work, comprise our terroir.  And it is where the best grape´s production for high quality wines originates.

The valley, our vineyards, the dedicated work, and the mid altitude where our vines lay -2000m ASL- resume in our wines. Wines distinguished by their elegance.

We produce a variety of French red vines, as the Tannat, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, among others. We also produce white vines as Muscat of Alexandria, White Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

Our specialty is Tannat. In 1999, we were the first to produce this vine variety in Bolivia. This, allowed us to be the country´s pioneers in Tanat wine production, from this unique vines.

The vineyard manipulation and care is carried out by our careful and experienced team of winemakers. Every day, the vineyards received care and love from a responsible team of experts.

Each detail is taken care off at all our vineyards. Vine by vine is meticulously looked by the “loteros” (vintner) guided by enologist responsible of the estate. By performing all the tasks manually, including the harvest, where every single cluster is collected, we get grapes of very high quality.